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When it comes to sporting events, the Superdome scores big. Throughout its history, the facility has set the standard as a venue for memorable events.

It’s where Muhammad Ali famously avenged his loss to Leon Spinks in 1978. It’s where Michael Jordan’s legend began as he sank a jumper and Georgetown’s national title hopes in 1982. And it’s where a record six NFL Super Bowls, four NCAA Final Fours, and two BCS National Championships have all made history.

From setting an NBA single game attendance record in 1977 to the all-time NCAA baseball single game attendance record in 2002, the Superdome not only can host any size sporting event, but help ensure its success. The Superdome’s versatility is simply astounding. Whether you’re anticipating an attendance of 100 fans or a roaring crowd of 70,000, the Dome will adapt comfortably to your exact specifications.

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